Yeah, this post is gonna be pretty heavy. But it kinda hit me while coming back home and receiving an sms from a close friend (whom shall be named XX for privacy purposes) abt her being upset. Upset on wad another ‘special’ guy friend did to her. I’ll get to that in a moment.


In the space of seven weeks at SOT, little did I expect the series of events that were to come. I came in expecting to learn and being impacted by the word. Little did I expect what God had in store for me.

As time goes by, these are the things that’d impacted me heavily besides learning the word, practical lessons and ministry:

First up: Women

As mentioned above, spending time with XX has revealed many things about women in general. Generally am finding it easier to converse with them than guys sometimes as there’re certain stuff I just don’t feel comfortable sharing with guys, if you know what I mean. And the past few months have a funny theme: everywhere I go, women take the centre stage. My own family for one, SOT, friends I’m hanging around with inc Jo, Janice, Sophia, April & co.
Even the part time job at Robinson’s has me outnumbered 15 to 1 between Women and a lonely man(which is me obviously).

And they’re all aunties or in their late 20s-30s.

They are emotional creatures, it’s impossible to figure them out from a typical guy’s mindset. You have to understand them from the inside out, what makes them tick, what really happened in each of their lives and experiences.Better yet, feel them from the inside out. Kinda help that I’m more sensitive/perceptive than the average Joe.

At best, every guy out there reading this: You’ll probably understand up to 70-80% of the girl of your life. And the risky/exciting bit is that you’ll NEVER KNOW WHEN or WHAT will trigger the hidden 20-30% within her. So….just let them have their way when that happens right….

And this usually happens after an insensitive remark/action on the part of the guy. Especially when it comes to relationships as in the case of XX

So guys, better think twice about that remark you’re itching to make, or the action you’re gonna do. Bear in mind girls think very differently about what you do.

Proverbs 13:3

He who guards his mouth preserves his life, But he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction.

Which brings me to the next point

Next: Words

Ever wondered how much power there is in the words you speak? After certain mishaps observing what has happened in XX’s case, like misappropriated words and intentions. and more than a few cases of mine recently. The words you speak bring either life or death not just to any situation, but into the person(s) life as well. Don’t you wanna seriously consider the words you say to others too?

Because at the end of the day: everyone, everyone is to account to God himself for every idle word that has been said.

Proverbs 10:12

Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins.

Finally, growing up:

Just had a revelation, so many times in the past weeks I’ve faced with extreme exhaustion, weariness yet at the same time even more determined not to give in. Non-stop routine of waking up early, quiet time, SOT, work, assignments, chatting with friends, CG on fridays, work on saturdays and service on sundays (and I’m usually serving), depriving myself of precious time with loved ones and the people whom matter =(

Which is why God told me, I have to die to myself. And live wholly for him, upon him.

At the end of the day, all of this is only temporary, what matters is how you conduct and carry yourself over this trial. Once you commit your time to God at SOT, he makes double sure that you don’t just learn the word, but to live the word also. So many situations have been thrown at me time and again. Seemingly to test and stretch my patience and love, especially with people.

On a happier note, seems my time spent in usher ministry have not been a waste after all: Been entrusted with weightier and weightier responsibilities recently.

2 weeks ago: called with a senior group leader to personally assist him with the flow of internal traffic during altar call, out of 5 ushers available, 3 of whom also in SOT

Last week: Given an arena, major arena sector to take care and run. No mean feat especially if you’ve been in the ministry for only 5 months

Yesterday: called up to serve on stage to lay chairs, ya, may seem mundane, but I know and trust stage ushers won’t call any tom dick or harry to go upstage right? Especially if you’re shifting chairs within a metre of Pastor Kong himself.

Last friday: given a team of support ushers to lead and train in SOT. With future grooming to be a stage usher next week. Meaning: stage ushers directly serve pastors and the stage area.

Even though I’ve not grown as much as I’ve wanted in CG, at least fruits are being borne in ministry =)

Haha, seems that I’ve come in as a super-confident alpha male, now I’m being moulded into a counselor/psychologist/teacher/uncle agony/healer or whatever else!!

This concludes one thing: now God has made known to me my main calling, ministry calling, be it fivefold or during services. It seems that he’s moulding me to be a ‘people’ person. In the sense of listening to their problems and ministering to them. Not something to be taken lightly.

Like I said: This post IS heavy

Anyway, gonna meditate on it tomorrow while fasting, another week, another series of revelations.

SOT never leaves one the same again.