Faith is patience

Faith takes time

Faith asks of more than you can give, it asks for more of your capacity than you’ve ever thought possible.

And it stretches you in the process, pulls and enlarges your capacity. Sure, it hurts like hell.

But once the process is complete, you’ll be amazed by what you can do compared to before. Pastor Kong’s week-long lesson on Romans reveals how much, just how much faith is central to our walk.

It is by faith that we’re saved, God moves according to our level of faith.

And this week so many things have happened, and be careful what you pray for, cause you’ll get it.

Just not in the way you’ll expect it to come.

It began in excitement, morning prayer. Seeing another side of Pastor Kong not many has ever seen. Nuggets of wisdom shared with us, impartations and new revelations pouring forth. And I remember him mentioning this:

‘We christians are always asking for faith, so God hears our prayer for faith and goes: hmm, want more faith? Good!!! He’s ready for more tests then, I’m gonna let him have more problems then!!! And he’ll learn to lean on me!! Good boy!!’

And we wonder why all our problems pile up. We did ask for more faith. And this is how God builds faith. Through adversity and testing by fire.

Here’s what happened: after that prayer on tues: things were set in motion. For the first time in years, woke up in tears and not really knowing why. And that night was one of the greatest challenges I’ve ever faced. Financial tightness and family’s sudden U-turn in their support.

I’ve never felt more alone.

So desperate, had to call and ask Jo for advice and help. Thank God for her, she prayed for me and was comforted. Well, she is my mirror image/secret keeper after all 😉

And funny enough, it seems I can now sense and feel things before they actually happen. Interesting.

If that wasn’t enough, God reminded me of my prayer last week on financial breakthrough:

I do remember praying about my Adidas application and believing it’ll be resolved by the end of next week, last monday. Also for a breakthrough in ministry cos I’ve served non-stop since easter.
Guess what, faith really takes time to develop. And like london buses, God tends to answer prayers all in one go.

First, was given the opportunity to lead one of the SOT support usher teams with Bryan. As there was a shortage of experienced ushers those of us remaining are kinda mobilised to help lead and guide. Perks? Fulfils the ministry hours required(meaning I can attend service like a normal member for once =) ). A chance to lead and practice managing a group of ushers.  And a chance to learn and rise up.

Now the real miracle

While eating with Alvin and co at JP, received a random call. Guess what: The lady from Adidas confirmed my employment and asked if I could start work tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Whoa, if that wasn’t enough? She asked for my commitment level for May also. And the holy spirit reminded me of my prayer: by the end of this week. As if that wasn’t enough, another job interview came up and offered better terms than the job I’m doing at Robinson’s: better hours, location, pay and commission. And she wanted me to join so badly she was willing to wait until my schedule clears up. As this happened: Psalms 30:5 came to my mind again. Another rhema coming to pass!

Back to my sporting home, doing a job I’m experienced in, and also a lifelong passion of mine: running, football and people. And settling the bulk of my finances at the same time. God is faithful.

And I’ve had this revelation after all’s been said and done:

A man’s greatness is not measured by what great things he has done, but how patient and persevering he is despite what sufferings and trials he endured. And doing great deeds in the process. This is faith

And ironic enough, I’m finishing up on my book review on Faith

Haha, God really has a sense of humor!!!