Been a really, really, really crazy week. So much stuff going on until there’s virtually no time to breathe: SOT, work, mock CG preparation, daily bible reading, ministry every week, book readings and assignments plus various other miscellaneous tasks just keeps coming like a flood day in day out.

But I’m loving it.

This whole period at SOT has been really a dream, yes, it’s physically very tiring, yes, it deprives you of time from spending with your loved ones and friends, from doing the things you love so much.

But, it teaches you discipline. Constant prayer and fasting every since the start of SOT has yielded so much fruit and innumerous breakthroughs. And God is never far away, the holy spirit is a really dear friend just a feeling and prayer away.

Feels like a completely different person compared to the Hector that enrolled last month.

All those lessons, bonding with everyone, team 20 now feels like another cell group, a cell group of leaders to be. A cell group to hone our gifts and abilities, a cell group where we learn to love and serve one another, regardless of where we’re from and what we can do. A cell group and family we can really call our own.

The amazing thing was: had a really bad week by my own standards. Cos there was so little time to do quiet time and my body’s literally breaking down from exhaustion. Kinda angry and frustrated at myself for not spending quality quiet time with God.

And amazingly: this is the week where he’s moved the strongest and the most amazing series of events occurred.

First: mock CG

If I didn’t ‘tio’ offering, I wouldn’t’ve realised I can preach, if not for the worship segment, I wouldn’t know that I can lead worship and bring down God’s presence despite my low super zhao sia voice. And Wan Teng moved and prophesied during the worship session. So all things are possible through christ who strengthens me

Second: more financial breakthrough

This seems to be the main theme of my walk with God: I’ve never seemed to lack financially. Not for very long anyway. There’s always an opportunity at every corner, the last-ditch deal at UNI, various job offers at different part-time positions, unexpected blessings from family (now I don’t need to worry about mission trip and SOT fees until June). If there ever was one thing I’ve never doubted God with: It’s the area of finances. The very first area where he moves mightily in my life.

Third: Love for people

Was stunned when the lord told me during quiet time last week: to enlarge my heart, making more room for people. And that same day Pastor Ming was teaching on the characteristics of a CGL: to have a heart for everyone, yes everyone. Irregardless of stature, looks, background or behaviour. Everybody needs love. And unconditional love is the highest form of love possible. After all: God is love.

Fourth: people speaking into my life

Had a really wonderful time @ Pitstop yesterday. First time the team went out to enjoy ourselves.

And it was pure havoc!!!! Shall upload the pics later =)

Didn’t expect Chris and Junde to open up and share with me their views on christ, h.s and spiritual life with me. And I was stunned when they discerned my life ahead.

‘Hector, the lord has prepared for you a life ahead, where making 50, 100, 200 million is definitely possible, but for that you must build up your faith and be ready to live life and do things differently from everyone else’

‘You have a strong spiritual life, stronger than most people, but you must be ready to step up, you need a greater passion for God and his people, and for that there’ll come a greater test and a heavier price to pay’

Whoa…..If that didn’t shake me: I wonder what will? Which brings this verse back to mind , esp after what events transpired during service yesterday:

Proverbs 11:25 – The generous man will be prosperous, And he who waters will himself be watered.

Thank you for those conversations on msn and phone Jo: You have ministered to me over so many areas, life, love, SOT and relating to people. Through you I now understand what unreserved love of God really means. You are a living example and through you, you’ve impacted many lives including mine. And what is written on Psalms 37:4 doesn’t just apply to me, it applies to you too!!!! 😉

High five!!! =)

And there’s more to come. If there’s anything to take away this week: It’s not by your own strength or might, it’s by knowing who he is and what he can really do and work in your life if you let him

On a side note: Just sent in the order for the new season’s jersey:

And it’s gonna have Javier Mascherano’s name and no on it

After Gerrard and Alonso, Mascherano is my favourite LFC player.

If Gerrard represents my inner drive, essence and character, and Alonso reveals my calm, precise and conscientious nature to work, then Mascherano reminds me of my own tenacity and nastiness when facing opponents (just see how I respond to unprovoked attacks from the enemy, hahaha).  For further illustration, just watch how Mascherano dives into tackles, protects the defense and whacks anybody that stands in the team’s way.

May 6th, I’ll receive it

Alrite, shall sign off here, another crazy week @ SOT has begun: Pst Kong all to ourselves for a week!!!! =)