This is by far the highlight of SOT, mock CG

So far.

I’m really proud of you, team 20!!!

Was really apprehensive yet excited about it since yesterday cos after almost 4 years in this church, participating in cell group meetings. This is the first time we’re taking ownership of our own meeting.

All of us were assigned different roles for the mock cg. Those of us like Malcolm getting welcome, Wan Teng getting Word and Eileen doing Warmth and Praise(her speciality btw).

Me? Got Warmth and Offering/Vision (yeah!! kinda hoping I’ll get it, cos it’s my biggest strength)

And I didn’t prepare much for it to be honest. Only in the space of 30-40 minutes on the train to Boon Lay did I conceive the message along with the verses and the flow of everything. (Meaning, there’s grace and anointing at work here, doesn’t mean i’m gonna do it that way for the rest of SOT eh, dun get the wrong idea. lol)

Still, the message was bombastic, brought the house down and I’ll bet if there was really an offering envelope available. All of us would be giving like mad. (Yeah, wishful thinking at it’s best)

Anyway, the mock CG was the first time all of us united, there is no more Singapore students/china students. We’re all gathered together as one family praising and worshipping God, helping one another in our works and stepping out boldly in faith.

And in a flash we’ve seen with our own eyes what great things we can do for him when we boldly step out of our comfort zone.

Seeing the likes of Wan Teng preaching and leading worship bravely despite her sore throat, Alvin faithfully being the guitarist throughout, Janice helping translations for our chinese friends, Jesher throwing his support wholeheartedly, Eileen leading praise expertly and translating also and me despite the lack of preparation taking on the challenge boldly and discovering something about myself in the process:

In times of challenges: People mature, more than they can ever think of

Because while sharing the offering messages and my experiences, leading the warmth sessions made me realise the more one looks into himself, the more he makes himself miss out on what he can do to help others.

For it gives me an unexplainable joy seeing others touched by my works, giving time to them, praying for them, serving them and giving words over their lives.

And through this time, numerous chinese friends have opened up their lives to share with us, especially after giving the word on increase and faith with our finances. And in the process discovered that I have a strong gift of faith, words of wisdom and prophecy.

Proverbs 16:20

Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is he who trusts in the LORD

This verse is so impactful now. Ever since coming to SOT, there’ve been many changes to my life despite the heavy workload of SOT and work:

1: Intensive bible study and daily reading has instilled discipline and cultivated spiritual hunger and thirst

2: Collecting numerous verses and rhemas as weapons to use on any situation, and to speak words of life/prophesying over people’s lives

3: Emotions have stabilised a lot better, a better countenance than before going SOT

4: A changed attitude, especially towards people, understanding them, loving them as they are and subtly helping them to grow

5: Greater spiritual maturity and servanthood, the more time spent in SOT only makes me realise its his strength holding me up. Especially with ministry almost every week. Yet I still find joy in ushering people =) After I’m here to learn and grow. And esp after today, I know I have it in me to be a CGL one day. The key is patience

Part two tomorrow, this time it’ll be welcome and worship leading for me. Gonna pray for anointing later =)

An interesting thought: If all of us, Alvin, Janice, Eileen, Wan Teng,
Joyce, Jesher and myself can bring this unity and love back to our cell groups and MY zone…..

Imagine what kind of growth, love and unity we’ll have. Let’s not let this anointing and spirit die here, pass the fire on!!!