Despite all that has happened today.

All the tiredness, frustration and disappointment.

Despite my common sense telling me otherwise in a draining day, decided to vent my frustrations on the old route again.

And beat Tuesday’s time by 53 seconds. Going under the 20 minute mark to finish at 19 minutes 27 seconds. Meaning to say: Tuesday was no fluke, my legs are back.

Despite the fatigue, strain in my legs over standing for hours at end at Robinson’s today. All those disappointments and the piling workload from SOT. I was still able to break through this barrier that I’ve never broken in my time of running the reservoir.

The 84km ultramarathon will be conquered in 2012, double the distance, double the pain, double the joy.

(Someday my legs are gonna give way, let’s pray it won’t happen for at least 20 odd years)