Everyone who knows me know the passion I have for this team.

And before coming to Christ, this family ministered to me for the past 12 years. Think about it, so many values similar to the word, the walk and experiences, the togetherness, faithfulness, longsuffering and enduring love of the Kop regardless of what happens. Sometimes I do feel that the body of Christ have a thing or two to learn from the Kop when it comes to passion and support. Especially when it comes to lifting up one another.

The 12 years I have walked with them, seen the immense highs and devastating lows. From Owen’s a.k.a Judas solo goal against Newcastle. Gerrard’s emergence from 98-99, ‘God’ a.k.a Fowler’s glory days, the 2000-2001 treble, the decline in 2002-2003, Rafa’s armada arriving in 2004, that night in Istanbul, the Gerrard final in 2006, El Nino’s arrival and his blossoming into the ultimate predator, the glorious charge last season and the fall this season.

And to think I started out supporting the enemy and us at the same time.

Guess what, it took a defeat. Yes, a defeat to help me realise where my allegiance lay. That FA cup tie in Jan 2000 which the enemy snatched the game at the very last moment. And the manner of their celebrations left me hurt and disgusted. Turned and never looked back. Never regretted the choice. Ever

Beyond trophies, beyond glory, beyond the feel good factor of success but also the times we suffer together as one. No trial nor sorrow lasts forever and not everybody understands this, this is what draws us together with them:

Found this on the official site:
‘the liverpool people are spirited, I’m the same as them, they have life in them, they have humour, they’re arrogant, they’re cocky and they’re proud. And that’s what I want my team to be’

It’s about the character of the people, because too much success DOES make one’s head grow big. Success that comes TOO instantly results in spoilt brats being cultivated without the proper character being moulded.

Enduring for long periods in a trophy drought makes you appreciate success that much more, waiting for 21 years for the triumph in Istanbul. That one triumph alone makes up for more than all the old enemy’s european successes. Because of what we’ve experienced together as one, the trials we endured, the murmurings from skeptics and the fainthearted, even unbelief from our own people. Yet we triumphed. It is the character we have that keeps us grounded and makes us appreciate every success that comes our way without taking it for granted.

It’s beyond a club, it’s an inspiration to millions worldwide, a family everyone identifies with just by seeing the crest over our hearts. LFC doesn’t just remain at Anfield, it resides in the hearts of over 70 million honorary scousers worldwide.

God’s common grace at work

And just imagine: ‘Liverpool Football Club being used for his glory’. 20-30 years down the road

Trinity people & Alvin, you know what I’m talking about 😉