Didnt plan to blog today, cos there’s so much stuff from SOT that needs be done: Bible reading, assignments, catching up on missed lessons and preparation for mock CG next week.

But what happened today at work was simply out of the world. I have to record it before it slips from my mind.

While at Robinsons’ today, happened to bump into this old New Zealander retiree who looked in his late sixties. At first he enquired about the product and services briefly. Suddenly, just got this prompting to talk to him more, so I probed:

“Are you British?”

“No, am living in Australia, but I’m from New Zealand, Are you studying now?”

“Yep, doing economics soon.”

“Interesting!! I was an economic advisor to the Australian Government. Retired 5 years ago” O_O

Yeah, conversation went along those lines. And he shared the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

So what is knowledge? Stuff you learn at school, the degree you earn, the information you glean of books and newspapers.

But to him, it’s the bare minimum. Wisdom is what matters, converting all that knowledge coupled with experience, insight, foresight and action plans that can be applied in the real world is what matters.

Him sharing his stories of dealing with government officials, corporations, institutions really opened my eyes wide to the society out there. Influencing, or trying to influence key, powerful figures aint a simple task not everyone’s up to in the first place. And there are political agendas, underhanded dealings and all those horror stories of corruption in the halls of power. They pay him a thousand plus a day just for his advice and opinion. And all he does sometimes is to contribute/share his advice  for about 30 mins in meetings that last 5-6 hours.

And the whole exchange is reminiscent of a young apprentice given the secrets to his master’s success….. My calling is to be an economist after all.
I’m sure this didn’t happen without a reason, it does feels like a divine appointment.