The freest form of exercise for anybody. You don’t need a ball, nor a court, or field, or a team to run with you.

All you need is a pair of running shoes, the right attire, a running route and a goal in mind. Then off you go!!!!

The feeling of the wind rushing by as you push forward, the only thing stopping you is yourself. Or how far you’re willing to run and exert. It builds your strength, stamina, capacity, will, determination and drive.

That’s my kick, my drug, the best stress buster after prayer and spending time with God.

Happy to be back in the running groove this evening. Took on bedok reservoir one more time after being out for three weeks with a twisted knee.

And completed the round with a personal best of 20 min 20 secs. 4.3 km in just over 20 mins!!!

That rounds up to 4 mins 43 secs per km. Under my training target of 5 mins per km.

Made my day =)

so…. Impossible is nothing. Gonna conquer my 3rd marathon next month, and this time: no overhead bridges.

So God did answer my prayer!!!

Gonna part with this last message to everybody reading:
Anybody with two healthy legs can run

Anybody can complete a marathon, as long as they have the will, if they really want to

Gotta get back to my own marathon; Bible reading!!