Joseph and John the disciple

The very characters in the bible that have taken on a special meaning, especially in the past week.

So many revelations, signs and wonders have started pouring in. People especially. It really gives me joy to see people lifted up by God in their lives. Especially hearing the holy spirit talking to me during the lesson on the tabernacle.

The showbread is where you’ll serve me child
What is the showbread? The point where God and man meets. To bring God to the people through the showbread. Holy bread. The bread of God. The daily bread God gives to his people to be filled.

It comes in many forms, encouragements, ministering, teachings, inspirations, stories.
With so many things starting to happen in our lives, having the privilege to minister to friends, seeing them touched by the spirit really fills me with a joy that’s beyond description. Leaving such a tremendous impact at UNI, touching lives there. Even though there were times I almost burst into tears when I typed my resignation letter and gave my parting speech.

And I’m not one to give to tears easily.

So thank you God, for giving me the chance to impact people, to be an inspiration and encourager to a world that really needs your faith and love =)