Woke up this morning to extreme fatigue and a pounding headache, got that bad I had to take MC.

So kinda sian I can’t work properly. Yeah I know, I’m a workaholic.

Probably the reason why my body’s starting to break down into pieces the last week. Haven’t fully recovered from flu, pushed my body beyond its’ natural limit for awhile, days of sustaining on berocca (now you know the reason why I seem indefatigable?) and now finally it rebels and cries for a break.

So the free day today was spent sleeping the morning away, seeing the doc in the afternoon and meeting Albert for dinner.

And in between, rummaging some of my old stuff came back lost memories of the past 4 years. The times when I started my walk with God. Still remember the day I gave my heart in august 2006, those birthday celebrations with the old E418, the encouragements when serving in the army, Water bap in feb last year and eventually now out working and in SOT.

Looking back, it does bring a smile back on my face to see how much I went through and grew through all that =)

The first year: 2006-07 – The years of an infant, not knowing what to do, made mistakes, offended people. Not really knowing how to express myself and those times of controlling a combustible temper. Learning about working society in my last year of poly and my Adidas days.

Second year: 2007-2008 – The first real test came in the army, after enlistment. So much happened, days of doing unbelievable physical exercises, mental torture, pushing limits everywhere, persecutions almost daily in camp just for being different. Digging a shellscrape for three hours, eventually breaking into tears. And somehow everywhere in the SAF it seems 60-80% of everyone I meet is a Manc -_-“.

Explains why I will not stand idle taunts or attacks from them without a sharp response these days. You will defend and fight to the death for the things you love and care after all. This is one aspect they will never understand, nor do I expect them to for most of them. (to all the loyal, faithful mancs, this is not an attack on you, it’s the gloryhunting nasty ones and thoughtless, inconsiderate spoilt brats I’m aiming at, they will get the full force of my fury should they ever provoke it =) )

And think about it: they do behave like little demons. Hahaha(loves the kick of swiping at em)

Days spent in South Africa, the miracle of even getting to go(the result of fulfilling my first building fund in full). With an experience of a lifetime. Seeing the full force of a military in action, using weapons most can only dream of and the kind of awesome firepower (hey, I’m an Artillery guy after all). Working with African troops, seeing the savannah, endless plains, animals I can’t even name, things you’ll never get to see anywhere else.

Seeing the average South African struggling with crime, social disorder, corruption, xenophobia, stories of poverty and starvation from the surrounding nations like Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and to a certain extent South Africa itself. It really opens your eyes and appreciate what we have back home. No civil war, no unrest, low crime, and here we are complaining about prices, certain inconveniences and why we don’t get more and more. What kind of society are we breeding nowadays?

The third year: 2008-2009 – The mental breakthrough. Learnt to take things in my stride, to become mentally tough. Conquered my first marathon, caught the running bug. Clear the dreaded SOC for the first time, those days of being discriminated, targeted, hated and despised in the army made me learn to pick out good people, dealing with them and avoiding office politics (to a greater extent). And to cap it off, ORDing (it feels soooooo good to collect my pink i/c on 14th Aug, which is the 3rd anniversary of my walk with God =) ).

And if it can’t get any better: LFC came to S’pore around my birthday, the best ever birthday present in 22 years.

Seeing the team in the flesh. Getting within arm’s length of Fernando Torres and Jamie Carragher. Getting their autograph. (That no 9 jersey with Fernando’s autograph will reach anfield one day, complete with Stevie’s, Pepe’s, Masch, Agger’s, Johnson’s, Maxi’s and Yossi’s autographs on it =) ) And now this year: The breakthrough year. Felt so strongly that this is the year so many things are gonna change. At work, family, friends, spiritual growth, personal goals and pursuits. It’s either gonna be achieved or taken a major step forward by the end of this year. Caught hold of four unbelievable promises from God at the start of this year. My calling to be an economist, my family, an unbelievable new ministry and a new start =)

Those of you whom know, look at my protected posts and you’ll know what I mean.

Thanks to you dear friend: You’ve revealed my life ahead, reminiscent of Joseph and John the disciple to a lesser extent. The anointing of foresight, increase and determination. Above all, faith =)

Psalms 37:4 is really the rhema word this year.

Three of my dearest friends have spoken it:

My mirror image/secret keeper: Jo

My discipler/shepherd: Jesher

My fellow scouser/prayer commando: Alvin

Thanks so much for sowing into my life all these years!!!! =)