Something is clearly wrong.

I wasn’t like this before, always in control of my emotions regardless of what happens. Not a month ago I still had the ‘who cares what the world thinks, I’m gonna do this’ attitude.

And now after going into SOT proper, so many things start surfacing?

Emotions are stirred up way too easily, so many issues surfacing all at once. Friendships, work, finances, family, health, ministry, relationships, personal pursuits, dreams, where do I even start??

This is no coincidence, and it seems clear that my emotions are the last obstacle. His last stronghold over me. Four years of clearing all the trash in my thought life, spiritual life, and now after this mountain of emotions have gone: All the breakthroughs will come

This is clearly a test, and I’m going to ace this challenge with flying colours.

Starting tonight, starting tomorrow

Am gonna start running again, 5 km around Bedok Reservoir. My knee’s gonna be ok!!