Back to normal!!!

Returned to the office for the first time in 2 weeks. Only that it felt so different this time round.

No more pressure, no more burdens. For the first time in weeks felt truly happy and liberated.

What would normally strain me before at work pre sot seems to be a breeze now. And it stems from a changed mindset and faith. And for once, the dagger from the manc game last night is well and truly off. Can’t be bothered with their gloatings and taunts, let them be. Shows how much class they have, OR LACK OF.

And the company is prospering, revenue has doubled the last time I left. Economy’s really picking up and glad to see newbies, esp the ones I’ve helped to guide and mentor closing their deals =)

Today Hendra clocked the record of the year so far: 8 deals!! worth SGD 31k plus!! (my record’s only 10 k in one shot)

1st emotional breakthrough!! more to come =)