Unbelievably pissed off today.

Dunno whether it rubbed off on anybody today, was furious on the inside regarding certain issues. Why oh why, all that crap I took on behalf of everybody else. And nobody’s there to even understand what I’m going through? Appreciate J for hearing me out this aft.

But seriously, too much incurrance of verbal diarrhoea from certain parties is REALLY starting to piss me off big time.

Now don’t really have the mood for the game against the scum later. Oh well, I still need to be there, to drive the people on. Like a Captain needing to lead his men by example, putting aside all his concerns for theirs. Or whatever men he still has left to fight with him

But bear in mind whoever’s reading this, everybody has a limit, a threshold, before they blow. So please don’t take me for granted.

Anyway, we’ll let it all out on them!! I’m gonna vent all that FURY on them later, we’ll bury them..


Torres, Gerrard and Aquilani