Reached my physical limit today:

Flu has just went up badly…… was leaking and sneezing and fatigued all over during CG. Such a long day today: SOT lessons, rushed back to UNI, CG at nite, coordinating the response for the Man Utd game, handling some issues with friends(being a verbal diarrhoea deposit point ain’t easy), need to handle new working environment tomorrow, another hectic week coming up……..

No wonder I collapsed the instant I reached home (to those whom I haven’t replied, sorry!!!)

Yet I can’t fail now, so much at stake, need to be the main ‘drive’ for certain stuff, including this sunday’s game.

On the bright side: returning to UNI brought back smiles, to Lara, Jayden, the team…(Didn’t know the rumors of me going to SOT have spread like wildfire, and somehow word leaked and am now known as ‘the chc guy’. That’s salt and light of the marketplace people 😉

Just woke up sneezing all over the place, felt like posting this up before going back to rest again.

No man can survive this by his own strength alone…I need to get back my incredible drive…God, I need your zoe life now!!!!!!