Unbelievable week

A whole gazump of stuff just collapsed on my head since monday, and the load keeps getting heavier and heavier.

1: Start of SOT

2: Some nasty stuff forced to the surface this week

3: Breaking through in a mental stronghold

4: Coping with the SOT workload

5: New people, new habits

6: Last min OPM @ JW last nite

7: Doing up easter forecasts and prayer lists

8: Forming up a new ministry outreach with Alvin starting this Sun

9: Beginning a job hunt for SOT period (found one, rejected one and going for another interview)

10: Managing my running schedule

11: Managing time with family, friends to reach out to, prayer life etc

12: Starting new job this saturday (refer to 9)

13: Finishing up stuff at UNI, planning my last farewell(maybe another speech) and handing over

How I’ve managed to keep going this far is really God’s grace and the high stress threshold developed from my UNI days. And amazingly my body’s still holding up despite surviving on 2-3 hours of sleep for like……2 months now? And looks like my sinus’ starting to act up again(please let it not be the onset of flu).

Hmm, having workaholic syndrome plus insomnia actually has benefits after all….

Another financial breakthrough!!

Found a new job as a sales promoter for Body Inc, a.k.a Jacelyn Tay’s wellness outfit selling health supplements. A quick series of emails from yesterday, interview today and finalizing my working schedule plus notes in the space of 24 hours. It’s really gonna be high stress combining it with SOT, connect group requirements, ministry, family and a gazillion other stuff. Anyway, it’s gonna be another major transition period learning to take on multiple responsibilities with superhuman effort and grace.

And Alvin and I finalized the groundwork of a new outreach approach cum ministry, received the go-ahead during overnight prayer last nite: only this time it’s been around for a while, right under our very noses and it’s radical!!! To be revealed come Sunday……. Visualizing another avenue of souls to reach out to =)

SOT really stretches your capacity, but it’s gonna be worth it come August 29 =)