This is something out of this world. This post befits the title above

And this will cause outrage to those not ready for it. And not everybody can believe this.

We can still win the title this season. I mean it, US, Liverpool.

And to those who still doubt, remember this:

The last time we had a season like this was 2005, fifth in the league. Horror show of a season, out of the FA cup, 3-0 down at halftime in Istanbul and nobody gave us a chance in hell to comeback against Milan.

And yet we did. I’ll always remember the feeling I had at half-time, so many others losing hope, switching off the TV.

I was furious, defiant. And somehow got a feeling, a battling comeback was on its’ way. I knew we’re not going down without a fight. They want war? We’ll give them war

Whenever we win trophies, there is a pattern: we always do it the hard-earned way, the glorious way.

And this is how no 19 would be won, should be won.

Need more proof?

Consider this, usually when liverpool fc wins the title, they usually climb the ranks. Proof? 76-77, 79-80, 81-82,83-84, 85-86, especially the triumph in the 75-76 season.

1 Liverpool 42 23 14 5 66 31 2.129 60
2 Queens Park Rangers 42 24 11 7 67 33 2.030 59
3 Manchester United 42 23 10 9 68 42 1.619 56

eerily familiar?

It was won at the death, and this was the vision birthed from Alvin way back in Oct 2009.

‘He saw Gerrard lifting the title at the KC stadium on may 9th, with Torres, Carragher, Reina & co celebrating behind’

It was also won at the death. Sneaking behind chelski and the scum to snatch the prize.

Well, honestly I didn’t believe it. Until I caught a vision of my own 2 weeks later, after the horror show at Fulham.

This time it flashes to Harry’s at chijmes. It was 9th May. A sea of red packing the place. Alvin and I were on our knees, tears streaming down our cheeks in unbelievable joy as you’ll never walk alone blared out the speakers…’

It felt so real. That was what kept Alvin and I going in the past 4 months in a living nightmare. Even when so many were falling by the wayside, so many losing hope, so many losing inspiration. The second most horrible moment in my 12 years as a red(only the 11 games without a win run in the 2002-2003 season was worst). And that means all the more we’ll fight, carry the banner, and even if the worst does happen. We’re proud to be a part of this family.

Similar to 2005?

Let’s bring this closer to home: This is an unpredictable season, so many things have happened already. The Mancs? Take Rooney out and there goes their potency. Who’s the one man team now eh?

Arsenal? We’ll never know if they have the bottle for a sustained fight, they’re still inconsistent.

Chelski? Overconfidence is slowly creeping into their game….. terry’s scandal, cole’s scandal,we shall see how they sustain themselves…

Us? We’re returning to our former strength, Johnson’s back, Mascherano chopping down anyone coming close, Aquilani slicing passes alonso-like, dare say even faster and more deft than alonso. Gerrard back to his rampaging, take-no prisoners inspirational self, Maxi bringing a hidden threat to the team, Babel’s explosiveness unleashed on the opposition instead on the press (and us) for a change, Torres back to his usual assassin, predator self in front of goal.

And this time last year: it was 4-1 to us at the smelly toilet, and the score against Portsmouth today: 4-1 to us again. Deja vu? I think not, it’s the start of another Istanbul. This time spread out over a season.

And since we’re in SOT now: Only fitting that we find verses to back things up: Hebrews 11:1 ‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’

and don’t lose heart nor faith: Ephesians 3:13 ‘Therefore I ask that you do not lose heart at my tribulations for you, which is your glory.’

The greatest miracle football has ever seen, even beyond Istanbul in 2005 is happening, taking place even as I type!!