Warning: this is gonna be an ugly post.

But it’s the truth

Disappointed with how some things turn out. When you expect it to happen one way. It does turn out to be the other.

But it comes to the point where enough is enough. I know your concern for me but isn’t it time you’ve learnt to let go?

I know there are still emotional attachments regarding the past. But there will come a time when the bird eventually leaves the nest. It has to learn to soar for himself, to achieve things itself, to learn lessons and mistakes by itself. Otherwise why would it leave the nest in the first place? And I’m prepared to take the hits. ANY hit, I won’t allow it to get me down for too long. You know I’ve been hit worst before.

I understand not all the time you can please people, but seriously, I know the timing is not 100%, and I do consider your points about focus, especially in this crucial time.

But can’t you give a chance to hear out the other party before expressing your own views first? And stop trying to justify your actions without hearing from the other side, it turns the other party off before he has a chance to share. Talk about me watching what I say. The buck does start from you. Since you proclaimed yourself responsible for me.

You know who you are. When I tell you to let me go, please, let me learn the ropes myself. I’m no longer that same boy 5 years ago.

That’s it, rant over.