SOT has started proper.

And what a day it was.

Praise and worship was really intense, imagine one session lasting almost 2 hours. Literally soaking in God’s presence throughout. And the holy spirit flooded the entire atmosphere like never before. Such was the presence, that those responded to the altar call all fell under the power not once, but twice.

Was anxious about finances after giving my job at UNI to seek God at SOT, so when pastor Derek called for those anxious on provision, immediately felt the holy spirit prompting me to go….

and immediately fell under the power when pastor touched my hand!!!

Such was the presence, so awesome, so gentle like a dove. Yes, Coming to SOT’s really worth it.

And after pastor laid hands the second time: fell under the power again and this time: holy spirit spoke a rhema into my heart for the situation, Psalms 54 and 56.

Also looked at the schedule for the upcoming term, yes, it looks tough.

But it’s gonna be one rollercoaster ride of an experience ahead!! Book assignments, tests, praticulum’s, Mike Connell’s appearance(oh boy, this is gonna be fun), 1 mission trip, mock cgs, sermon preachings and tests.

More than that, it’s a shaping, moulding experience. Posted to Team 20, a mixed bag of us. 11 chc people (7 of us from MY zone, Eileen, Wan Teng, Janice, Joyce, Jesher, Alvin and myself) and 11 from China.

Oh boy, looks like I’m gonna need all the help I can get for chinese….