It hurts even as I type.

Twisted my right knee while running yesterday evening. Was running from bedok to pasir ris, a total distance of 18km before started feeling something in my knee.

At the 7 km point (around downtown east), felt the knee starting to ache on and off. So had to slow down and try to beat off the pain as it wasn’t the first time I’ve encountered this while running. But it got quite bad until I had to stop the run at 9km (pasir ris-loyang area) and walk ALL the way back to bedok.

Right now, any movement faster than a normal walk will cause my knee to strain badly. Itwas the first thing I felt when waking up this morning, and I’m due to serve today. And SOT begins tomorrow. The only thing I can do now is apply ice packs, tiger balm and just lift and rest my knee. And pray……..