A vision given by God will always come to pass. No matter how long it takes.

It all began in 2008:

Stuck in the Army, feeling so dry, thoughts of backsliding inching ever so closer to my head in those horror green days. Considering plans after ORD, like going to Australia for studies, or enrolling into SIM immediately for marketing studies. Days where even going for service after bookouts seemed ridiculous, after experiencing God’s greatness: immediately it’s another 5 days in ‘hell’, a.k.a Khatib camp.

And I’ll remember God speaking those words during CG in June 2008. Even in the midst of those hellish days, days when we were still known as E418. Days when Mel was still PCGL, days when Simon was CGL, days when Alvin started to rise up to connect group leader and thanks to him: he kept Jesher and I from backsliding in those green days.

And God spoke those words: ‘Give one year to me Kok Ann, and I’ll give you a lifetime to remember’

And for two months, I pondered over his word. Until it dawned on me: seeing all those SOT graduates in 08, throwing their mortar boards, celebrating their victories and breakthroughs. So, God meant SOT

He wants me to go to SOT before I set my life ahead.

And so it was, the best time is obviously after ORD. So realistically the fastest time I could go was 2010. Things were so uncertain back then: No idea where to go after ORD, what course to take, what was my calling, which ministry was suitable, who I really was in Christ. And all this after 2 years in the lord at that time.

So radical times call for radical decisions.  Was considering some unsuitable relationships at that time, but I’ve decided to stand firm and focus only on God from that point onwards.

And he is ever so faithful……

Immediately, felt his voice guiding my decisions and paths. From an interest in marketing, he told me to start from economics instead. Eventually leading him to reveal my calling as an economist last month. From someone who had zero idea how to serve, and completely clueless and devoid of much EQ, he placed Usher ministry to start with. And now, with the new building at suntec. There’s nowhere to go but up. And he led me to UNI after ORD, picked up so many valuable experiences there and from a timid boy devoid of confidence and EQ. He forged me into a confident, skilled with people and sharp man with an absolutely strong warrior mentality in the marketplace.

And I decided to focus solely on God and nowhere else. And I’ve found back my first love =)

Never regretted following him. And the biggest adventure yet starts tomorrow, with the vision complete in August 2010.

Let’s Go everyone!!! It begins HERE