The last 3 days at riverwalk was simply mind-blowing

Prep classes for SOT have really been a blessing thus far. Had mass cramming sessions for Victorious Living and Foundation Truths 1 along with a quick testimonial assignment which am still completing even as I type this entry.

Ever wondered what SOT’s really like?

In a nutshell: Yes, the pastors will personally chair the lessons and each of them will have their distinct styles.

Pastor Derek: The bible scholar. In depth comprehensive study while going through every scripture, line upon line, precept upon precept. Ending up scrwaling all over the BS lessons with scripture references and infered meanings.

Pastor Bobby: The sharing pastor. His lessons are always punctuated by his life-experiences and illustrations. Though not always the most outstanding or the most in-depth. His lessons never fail to bring across meaning in his sharing of his impactful experiences.

Pastor Ming: The animated teacher. By far the most popular!!! Always entertained by his lessons and stories(bet on a story that’ll pop up every 5 mins while teaching). Not to mention his trademark verse: Revelations 21:8!!!(He loves to throw this at anyone while asking tricky questions) Inside joke with all the SOT people esp Janice! LOL

Anyway, learnt alot of bible knowledge and more importantly: practical know-how and application. The bible really is your best friend. Eat, drink, breathe and sleep with the word. Literally.

Like the lessons on deliverance, faith, repentance amongst others. Even had a mini self-deliverance session this morning!! Seriously, it’s really fun putting into practice what I’ve learnt so far and Janice and I had a good fasting and prayer session this afternoon, prayed during lunchtime and had a wonderful time with the spirit. The presence of God is really addictive (not to mention the added sensitivity to the holy spirit whilst fasting).

Also had curious exposure with students from throughout Asia. Every one of them had distinctive qualities that can be picked up by us City Harvesters:

Take the People from China for example: Their hunger for the word and sheer enthusiasm puts many of us to shame. Cue scripture reading in english would be like semi audible. the same scripture in chinese would fill the whole room strongly. And you can really feel their fervency as many of them stay at hostels and some don’t even know how they’re going to pay the remainder of their fees and what they’ll be surviving on for 5 and a half months. Such is their level of faith!!! So let’s not take our environment for granted.

In short: SOT is something you have to be ready for. It’s really putting your faith to test and trusting God for the future. Like your provision, your calling, your ministry and ultimately your obedience to him….

Can’t wait for next week!!! And this is just the beginning!!!

and yes, one more thing to take care of regarding one of my passions: Running

The marathon:

With sundown 79 days away, the pressure is on to start clocking in mileage again. planning for a 14-18km run this saturday morning/evening. This time pray there’s no more sprain or injuries!!!

This year: goal is to make 5 hours 10 mins – 5 hours 30 mins.

Pushing my limits: right smack in the middle of Asia conference. So pray for Jesher and I to come through in one piece eh? Cos we’ll be serving the nite before, running while you sleep and serving the very next day!!!

Grace…..Impossible is Nothing