Well, before  I forget to list down my goals for this year. Guess better to write it all down in this post:

Cause 2010 is clearly different from every other year.  I can really feel it…..

First up:  SOT

Gonna finish it well, finish it properly. It’s gonna be a mind-blowing time in the house of God. New visions and dreams will be birthed forth and the existing ones I already have will be further reinforced..

And I’m gonna rise up this year: Both in CG and ministry.

Taking more responsibilities in the CG, eventually a connect grp leader. Ready to take the reins from Alvin once he enlists: Cos all the guys will be my responsibility then. And becoming Shan’s male helper.

Ministry? Continue to serve faithfully, will rise up by the time Suntec’s ready. Can feel it, visualizing it and believing it.

And more ushers are urgently needed!!!

Luke 16:10  ”He who is faithful in least is faithful also in much”


Already sent in the application for the Econs Degree. Everybody’s like telling me I’m jumping into kamikaze land with this course. So kinda like a faith exercise here!! Oh well, gotta hit the books again soon…

Visualizing a First class honours in 2013.  And winning one of two scholarships worldwide to do my Masters in Economics in LSE. Yes, I’ve said it: LSE

London School of Economics and Political Science

To fufil my calling as an Economist

Finally: Family

Something’s gonna breakthrough in my family this year: By christmas…..

It can happen

And I can feel a breakthrough coming in the realm of relationships also.

2010 is indeed a special year!!