Well, kinda overdue also. Still remember this incident that happened during service last week:

Serving at usher that day: the arise and build weekend..

Happened that day we were told that Pastor Kong would be praying for the offering buckets (meaning ushers will be up on stage). Immediately a part of me was like: PICK ME!!!

Well, as it turned out, the more experienced ones were chosen instead. So hiding disappointment, just went back to serve at charlie to marshal traffic and guard the acupoint. Kinda affected my mood for the service (well, not supposed to I know).

Funnily enough, when helping to collect the offering buckets later. All of a sudden felt God was telling me: Hector, you’ll be going up on stage later, get ready

And I was like: Huh? ok…..how?

Just wait, stay sharp, the time will come

So what could I do? Stay alert lor, and not a moment later, got this young boy struggling with this mountain of buckets he couldn’t handle. So helped him out by carrying it for him and was immediately asked to go to the front!!!!

Talk about a miracle, as if it wasn’t enough, the moment I reached the front. was supposed to go to the very edge and then….: Chief ushers asked us to go upstage immediately. And my heartrate kinda doubled as I stepped upstage with 20-30 plus ushers. And there was an empty slot near the middle of the stage!! So instinctively filled the space and not believing what was happening: Upstage with the man of God in service.

Looking out on the congregation midservice while carrying their offerings is a really awe-inspiring, humbling sight.

With every passing moment it dawned upon me what ushering is all about: servanthood, stewardship.

And Pastor Kong’s presence is…….unbelievable. You have to be near him to feel it. The fear of the lord, his anointing, the sheer presence and power simply flowed out of him. Even as he laid hands on the buckets one by one. his presence makes one feel like: I felt the intense urge to rise up, and catching some pieces of his vision just by standing upstage with him

And I prayed like never before while he laid hands on those offering buckets.

This service will never be forgotten